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I have 2 webcomics which is basically all I draw anymore but sometimes there's other stuff too woo!


My favourites.
Basically, stuff I really like. <3
I'm terribly sorry for having to ask this, but it think I wedged myself In between a rock and a hard place and I desperately could use some help! 
in my technology class, we're creating a website. I decided to focus mine on PMTTYD, because I could talk about it for days and I've dedicated so much time to it it felt absurd to even attempt another topic. My plan is to post the entire comic up on there and add some new exclusive details and art on one of the side pages. 
The only problem is, as you all know, it's 240 pages already, meaning this is gonna take a TON of time to just get it up there, excluding all the other things I'm gonna have to do for it.  I'm going to talk to my teacher and see if I can't just link it to my dA, but even then, I still have a lot on my plate. I guess I could change topics, but I really do want to do it on this, it'll be nice to have I think. 

I need 7 pictures to act as "covers" for each of the chapter sections, and one as a "filler" image for chapter 4's cover by the end of this month!!!
Here is what I'll need! All of these need to be bust shots on a square canvas!! I'd  prefer 500 by 500 but as long as its a square I can work with it!!
Prologue- Goombriel holding his hand in a "zero" shape 
Chapter 1- Koopie holding up 1 finger
Interlude 1- Peach looking scared
chapter 2- Flureon holding up 2 fingers.
Amber was kind enough interlude 2 c':
Chapter 3- Kami holding up 3 fingers
Interlude 3- Madame Grodus looking evil
Chapter 4- Vixen holding up 4 fingers. I'd prefer two peace signs but whatever is fine!
i will do interlude 4, so don't worry about that! 
For the chapter 4 cover something with Maria and Vixen would be nice!! Maybe Dooplisa too idk I'll post her updated ref soon

I will draw anyone who helps a picture in return AFTER I finish the website! 
Thank you all in advanced!! 
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and Vixen is my boo
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Hey, I'm Remy, just in case that wasn't obvious from my username. I am a girl. Please do not call me a boy.
I live in Nintendo-FreakXD closet, and drefeno basement.

If you've seen any gender-bent gijinka'd Mario characters in an almost-anime-cartoon style, that would be from me! I'm currently making a comic of Paper Maria-The Thousand Year Door, so feel free to check it out!

Just in case you couldn't tell-
I'm addicted to playing video games. I really dig RPG's, Puzzle games, and easy platforms. So if there is a game you think I should know about, feel free to tell me! :D

My favorite games are...(in a sort of order. Kinda hard to rank TBH)
Paper Mario-The Thousand Year Door
Super Mario RPG
Mario+Luigi- Partners in Time
Kirby's Epic Yarn
Super Paper Mario
Mario + Luigi- Dream Team
Mario+Luigi- Bowser's Inside Story
Luigi's Mansion 2- Dark Moon.
Paper Mario
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 3- Explorers of Sky
Professor Layton Series (In particular, Unwound Future and Azran Legacies.)
Phoenix Wright series (In particular, Trials and Tribulations.)
Pokemon Series
Kirby's Return to Dreamland
Super Mario 3D Land
Super Princess Peach
Animal Crossing New Leaf
Epic Micky

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